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Sweetpops recognized as the

Sweetpops recognized as the "The Best Bite Size Tomato" by the 2022 Hottest Tomato Competition

The 2022 Greenhouse Competition in Leamington has announced it its winners for this years prestigious event. The Leamington Ontario area is recognized as one of the largest greenhouse industries in North America, driving innovation in new products, technology and great flavors. This neighborly competition showcases some of the largest greenhouse producers in North America and awards their produce through various categories. 

This year Red Sun Farms is proud to announce that our Sweetpops took home the 2022 Hottest Tomato, for the Bite Size Tomato award. 

“We truly believe that our Sweetpop Tomatoes are absolutely the best tasting tomato, but It is an honor to have them recognized as having the Hottest Bite Size tomato amongst a community that specializes in greenhouse perfection,” said Carlos Visconti, CEO Canada and United States Operations. 

“Red Sun Farms is known for our innovative agricultural practices, our commitment to sustainability, the hard work and dedication of our team and these awards strengthens those foundations,” added Visconti. “This event not only calls attention to the greenhouse industry, but also educates the public on where their food comes from.” 

All funds raised from the Greenhouse Competition go to R.E.A.C.H. International. This charity has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to build schools and clinics, drill wells for fresh water, and sponsor and care for impoverished children in Africa. Red Sun Farms is happy to support this charity not only through our involvement in the competition, but also through our continued sponsorship of this event. 

“This is the 15th year for these unique competitions that have been running since 2007 to celebrate Essex County for being the largest greenhouse industry in North America. And the charity which runs the annual event uses the proceeds from the competition to sponsor over 50 children in Uganda, Africa, annually. These sponsorships give the children and teens food, school supplies, medicine, and everything else they need to get an education and break the cycle of poverty”. says President of R.E.A.CH. International, Art Barron