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Why This Year’s Resolution Will Be Different

Why This Year’s Resolution Will Be Different

Every year it’s the same ‘ole story — I will eat healthier, I will lose weight, I will not eat out as much  and every year we go right back to our bad habits. The answer is simple and starts with YOU!

First, baby steps: change the way you shop for food. When visiting a grocery store, shop the outer perimeter of the store. It’s filled with fresh fruits, dairy, and lean meats. While you’re walking the edge of this grocery store greatness, promise yourself to try something new. Perhaps you’re eyeing a delicious eggplant that would go great with a little mozzarella cheese and sliced tomatoes to make a healthy “veggie pizza” (more veggie toppings are always encouraged!). Or pick up some cucumbers and mix with garlic and yogurt to make a scrumptious tzatziki sauce to complement your chicken. Any way you slice it, just open your mind (and taste buds) and don’t be afraid to experiment with all the colors in the produce department.

Second, put a spin on the ordinary. Water, ugh, we know we have to drink 8 glasses a day, so why not make it fun. Slice some cucumbers into a pitcher and voila! Tasty, freshwater that will leave you saying, “I drank all that.” And forget those sugary drinks: you’ll be amazed at how great you will feel when you do! Need another spin on the ordinary? Slice up a few sweet bell peppers and pack them into sandwich bags for an easy, healthy snack. Sure pretzels and chips are tempting, but the sweetness and crunch of the sweet bell peppers will help to diminish those cravings.

Lastly, hold yourself accountable. There are many ways to make your New Year’s resolutions stick. Perhaps you take a picture of every meal and post it on social media or send to a friend. You’ll be more likely to make better choices and can always scroll back and see how far you’ve come. Start slow and you’ll learn to love healthier foods one meal at a time. After all, THIS year will be different! Bring it on 2015!