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What are Organics?

What are Organics?

Organic, organic, organic! Recently, organic foods have become very popular, you might be wondering what’s the difference between traditional and organic growing methods? The traditional route of food production may use fertilizers, chemicals, pesticides, or bioengineered genes (GMOs) to produce food in an unnatural way. Organic food must be grown in soil, and farmers cannot use certain fertilizers, chemicals, pesticides, or GMOs. In our Red Sun Farms organic produce lines, we use all organic materials to grow produce in actual soil within our greenhouses.

Our organic produce is grown in two of our facilities - our established Mexican location and our new Dublin, VA location, which by the way, a third of the location is dedicated solely to organic produce. The Dublin facility captures and reuses nutrient-rich water, solar energy, and is totally organic. Presently, we offer organically grown tomatoes-on-the-vine and grape tomatoes, however, we are happy to announce that we are also preparing to offer organic bell peppers, cucumbers, mini-cucumbers, and other specialty tomatoes! Red Sun Farms has set high standards in our greenhouses. We use non-GMO growing methods in all our greenhouses. Plus, we are using just as much care and attention in our current line of produce as in our organic line - so no worries! We hope you enjoy our organic tomatoes, and are excited to try our other organic lines of produce.

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