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Vertical integration: From Seed to Plate

Vertical integration: From Seed to Plate

With all Red Sun Farms products, you can be assured, our team is there from the very beginning. As one of the largest greenhouse growers in North America, we control the entire growing process – from seed selection to propagation, harvest, transportation, and delivery to your local grocery store. Our vertical integration business model closes the gap between retailers and consumers. Read on to learn about how this system works to deliver the freshest and most flavorful produce to retailers across North America.


How does vertical integration work? 

Vertical integration allows us to streamline operations by taking direct ownership of the various stages of the growing and packing process, rather than relying on external contractors or suppliers to get the job done. At Red Sun Farms, we refer to this strategy as our seed-to-plate commitment.

By taking ownership over the entire process, we can guarantee that only the freshest produce is picked, packed, and shipped to our retail partners. Maintaining consistency and good communication across all our farms and distribution centers is vitally important in delivering quality standards and a seamless workflow across all Red Sun Farms locations. 

Seed selection and propagation –

It all starts with a tiny seed. The master growers at Red Sun Farms select seeds based on the quality, flavor, and consistency of the fruit. Seed varieties are propagated at our very own greenhouse nurseries through the centuries-old practice of grafting.

Harvest and transportation - 

Red Sun Farms growers are proud artisans. Our crop care specialists have a true passion for growing innovative and flavorful greenhouse produce. With distribution centers and high-tech growing facilities throughout Mexico, the USA, and Canada, we’re able to provide our customers with shorter delivery times, less shrinkage, and fresher produce.  

Delivering the very best produce, year-round -

By utilizing state-of-the-art automation and growing technology, we’re able to maximize efficiency across our farms and keep up with the ever-changing supply demands. Our seed to plate commitment provides security in that there will always be fresh tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers available at your local retailer, 365 days of the year.

Whether you choose Organics by Red Sun Farms or our line of conventionally grown produce from our Artisan Series, you can be assured of quality, taste, and safety when serving your family.


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