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Ghoulishly Amazing Treats for a Healthy Halloween...

Ghoulishly Amazing Treats for a Healthy Halloween Party

Halloween is all about candy and trick-or-treating. Or is it? What could be more fun than hosting a Halloween party at home, with lots of amazing and healthy treats for guests of all ages? Check out these ghoulishly good recipes and decorating ideas, then plan a Halloween bash that will set a hauntingly new trend for celebrating on October 31!

Of course, you must have creepy treats at your Halloween party, creepy delicious that is! Start the evening with Tomato Eyeball Bites, made with red grape tomatoes, bacon bits, cheddar cheese, cream cheese, and ranch dressing. Line up the eyeballs so they can’t stop staring at the veggie-filled Owl Veggie Tray. Get creative with sliced peppers, cucumbers, carrots, and of course, SweetPops! Even the kids will want to eat these spooky veggies!

Go beyond the typical dangling spiders and eerie jack-o-lanterns for your Halloween table decorations. Sweep your guests away with this Healthy Halloween Pasta Salad. Or carve some bell peppers instead of the traditional pumpkins! Make them goofy or scary – or both. The best part is, these awesome decorations are edible and healthy.

Spooky soup? Yes, please! Use fresh tomatoes in Halloween Ghost Toast in Tomato Soup and serve in mini cauldrons as a healthy appetizer or part of the main course for your family-friendly Halloween dinner party! A terrifyingly simple recipe, this soup is an irresistible treat for kids and adults alike.

What’s a Halloween party without a snake? Feed your hungry guests with a Silly Snakewich that can be a little less frightening but definitely delicious and healthy. Be sure to add lots of fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, and cucumbers, and a few of your own creative touches to make it more creepy-crawly or sillier for your younger party guests.

Now that we’re on the subject of creepy-crawly party ideas, stir up a cauldron of Spiders Web Soup with Mummy Toasties . Add a haunting plate of Mummy Stuffed Mini Peppers made with Sweetpeps for a delicious way to say “boo” while feeding hungry Halloween guests!

Add an assortment of Halloween cookies and Tortilla Bats with a Salsa Dip and you have yourself a party that’s more fun (and healthier) than any night of knocking on strangers’ doors looking for sugary treats!

Your guests will certainly be haunted (in a good way) by all your ghoulish dishes and your creepy decorations. Happy Halloween!